Brightheart is a white she-cat with ginger patches and blue eyes. Brightheart lost one of her eyes and half of her ear, making her other senses much sharper.


Brightheart is born to Frostfur along with Thornclaw, Brackenfur, and Cinderpelt. When Brightheart's loss of her eye occurs, the Clan discovers she had gone out to fight the dogs with Swiftpaw, not realizing there was more that one dog.

Cloudtail is her mate, and the only one who assures her that she is beautiful. The Clan gets used to Brightheart's appearance over time.

Brightheart makes the Great Journey with the other Clans and the rest of her Clan. Brightheart is given Jayfeather as an apprentice, but, seeing as he was never meant to be a warrior, he was taken away from her and now being mentored by Leafpool. She is present at her daughter's kitting.


Mother: Frostfur

Brothers: Thornclaw, Brackenfur

Sister: Cinderpelt

Mate: Cloudtail

Daughter: Whitewing

Grandfather: Fuzzypelt

Grandmother: Robinwing

Nephew: Molepaw

Nieces: Poppyfrost, Honeyfern, Cinderkit, Lilykit, Seedkit

Granddaughters: Dovewing, Ivypool

Great-Nephew: Molepaw

Great-Niece: Cherrypaw

Positions Seen InEdit

Kit - Charart Needed

Apprentice - Charart Needed

Warrior - Charart Needed

Queen - Charart Needed

Mentor, Apprentices, Precedings, and SucceedingsEdit

Mentors:Whitestorm, Cloudtail (unoffically)

Apprentices:Jayfeather (temporarily)

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