This is a page to post the title of your fanfic, author's name, a summary, a genre, and how long you think it will be. Write your fanfics wherever you want (not on this wiki) and post the link so everyone can read and critique them.

Fanfic List

Rainstar's Destiny by Moonshine78999

Rainstar wasn't always a leader. Watch as she grows up and what her adventures are.

Chapters: about 80-100 Genre:Realistic Fiction

Jayfeathers Love

It is about a new warrior named Rainheart. Jayfeather has loved her sense he helped deliever her.

Chapters: About 40-70.

Genre:Realistic Fiction

Love Bites By Spottted

Firestar doesn't just have two kits. He has 4. See who with.

Chapters: 4-5

Genre: REalistic Fiction

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