The Leader leads the clan until he/she dies or retires. He/She sleeps in the leaders Den. Here are the leaders of all the clans in order from first to now. (It will take time to do it)

ThunderClan LeadersEdit

Thunder:When Leader:Code of the Clans

Owlstar: Code of the Clans

Whitestar:Code of the Clans

Vinestar:Code of the Clans

Finchstar:Code of the Clans

Lionstar:Code of the Clans

Vinestar:Code of the Clans-Battles of the Clans

Morningstar: Battles of the Clans

Redstar:Battles of the Clans-Before Crookedstar's Promise

Pinestar: Before Crookedstar's Promise-Bluestar's Prophecy

Sunstar:Bluestar's Prophecy

Bluestar:Bluestar's Prophecy-A Dangerous Path

Firestar:The Darkest Hour- Still Leader

ShadowClan LeadersEdit

Shadow: When Leader: Code of the Clans

Hollystar: Code of the Clans

Brindlestar:Code of the Clans

Lilystar: Code of the Clans

Blizzardstar: Code of the Clans

Snowstar:Code of the Clans

Brightwhisker: Code of the Clans

Flowerstar:Code of the Clans

Ripplestar: Code of the Clans

Marshstar:Code of the Clans

Yellowstar:Code of the Clans-Battles of the Clans

Sedgestar:Battles of the Clans-Before Crookedstar's Promise

Dawnstar:Before Crookedstar's Promise

Cedarstar:Before Crookedstar's Promise-Bluestar's Prophecy

Raggedstar:Bluestar's Prophecy

Brokenstar:Bluestar's Prophecy-Into the Wild

Nightstar:Fire and Ice- Rising Storm

Tigerstar:Rising Storm- The Darkest Hour

Blackstar:The Darkest Hour- Still is Leader


Wind:When Leader: Code of the Clans-Battles of the Clans

Gorsestar: Before Battles of the Clans-Before Code of the Clans

Graystar:Before Code of the Clans

Duststar:BeforeCode of the Clans

Stonestar:Before Code of the Clans

Hazelstar:Before Code of the Clans

Featherstar:Before Code of the Clans

Dovestar:Before Code of the Clans

Fallowstar:Before Code of the Clans

Birchstar:Before Code of the Clans-Battles of the Clans

Rabbitstar:Before Battles of the Clans-Before Crookedstar's Promise

Swiftstar:Before Crookedstar's Promise

Heatherstar: Before Crookedstar's Promise-Bluestar's Prophecy

Tallstar:Bluestar's Prophecy-Starlight

Onestar:Starlight-still leader

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