I am leaving FOR GOOD!

Once again it is because of moonshine, she got mad at me just because I refused to let her use my lineart and she said "I am going to and nothing Is going to stop me" i told her I would leave this wiki if she used it and She replied, "good for you." if I werent on my iPod, I'd have screenies To prove it but sadly I only have my words.

I am never coming back to this wiki, so moon ban me and see if I Give a shit!

Spotted, all I ask us that you don't try to stop me and that you don't Give her the lineart, because she doesnt deserve it after all that She has done and said to me, and she will lie about it, so I know nobody Will ever believe me. TigerlegsA.K.A. Tigerstarrules! yes he does shank you 14:44, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

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