A young kit rushed out to the clearing and meowed. He heared a rustling and hid in the bushes

"Hello, Firestar! Great to see you!" a giant cat meowed.

A giant fiery tom meowed in return "Hello my love, Leopardstar!"

They then rubbed cheeks and walked into the darkness. But then the kit meowed "WAit! Mom Dad wait!"

Leopardstar laughed and meowed "Come on Tinkit!"

Tinkit follows and marches up to his father.

"Can I be a leader?"

Firestar whispered back "Never dought it!"

Tinkit purrs and quickly follows and meowed in agony as he stepped on a thorn "Oww!"

Firestar licks it convinced he was badly hurt. "Are you ok my kit?"

Leopardstar purred and said "Where is your sister Tinkit?"

Tinkit replied "Moonkit is in that bush right over there. As he said that a silver tabby jumped out play growling.

Moonkit meowed "Tinkit you gave me away you meany!!" Than she bit his ear playfully.

Firestar roled his eyes and meowed "I have to go back to my clan. See you all in the morning?"

Leopardstar odded and said "Tinkit, Moonkit let's go home.

The end!

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