This is where you can request a mentor. A mentor will teach you the rules, how to make fanfics, how to roleplay if needed and how to make charats.

List of Mentors

  • Spottedstar78--Katie00909, Warriorcatsdragonstar, Tigerstarrules
  • Moonshine78999--Rainfur123, Mistybreeze
  • Rainfacestar-- WooWoo, Deadeye Son Of Scrouge

List of apprentices

  • Tigerheart273
  • Rainfur123
  • Lachlana
  • Tigerstarrules
  • Katie00909
  • Leopardshadow
  • Warriorcatsdragonstar
  • Deadeye Son Of Scrouge
  • Mistybreeze
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