Welcome to Mistclan! We are fierce and very loyal to each other. We have many rivers and small lakes in our territory. If you want to rolepay please do it on the page's talk or in the provided space under the heading, ex. Clearing.

We hunt fish, rabbit, water voles and squirrels. If you want to join please leave a message here or on this page's talk.

Leader: User:Moonshine78999-- (RP: Rainstar)


Medicine Cat: User:Lachlana

Senior Warriors:




Kits: User:The Cyclone--(RP: Starkit)



This is where cats share tongues, and eat their catch.
Freeland mist


This is where the leader makes announcements.
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Leader's Den

This is where the leader sleeps and you can talk with her privately here.

Rainfur: Hello Moonshine, May I talk to you for a minute?

Moonshine: Of course Rainfur. Is there a problem?

Rainfur:No, (I know we could do it on chat or talk, but is more fun here.) Anyway should we have like Warriorcat names, instaed of like Rainfur, Moonshine, or Rainface.?

Medicine Cat Den/Herb Storage

This is where the medicine cat and her apprentice sleep and where herbs are stored.
Water med cat den

Warriors Den

This is where the warriors sleep.
Warriors den

Apprentice Den

Apprentices den

This is where the apprentices sleep.


This is where the queens and kits sleep and where the kits play.
Lilyclan warriors den

Elders Den

This is where the elders talk and sleep.
ShadowClan Nursery
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