This is SunClan home of the lovers of nature and the firece. SunClan lives in desert like forests, with lots of open space where the sun shines down on them and has canyons and lots of rocks. They usually have short fur because of the hottness. If you want to join SunClan please put a request on the talk page or Spottedclaw78 To role play please do it on the talk or in the space provided between each heading, ex.Clearing

Leader:Spottedclaw78 (Rp Silverstar)


Med Cat:

Symbol 1

Apprentices: Queens: Elders:


This is the clearing where you can eat, and share tongues with other cats.



This is where the leaders make their annouccments.


Leader DenEdit

This is where the leader sleeps, you can tak to the leader privatley here.

Leader den

Medicne Cat Den/Herb StorageEdit

This is where the med cat and the apprentice sleeps and stores herbs.

Med Cat den- sun

Warrior DenEdit

This is where the warriors sleep

Warr den

Apprentice DenEdit

This is where the apprentices sleep

Apprentice Den-sun


This is where the kits and queens play and sleep.


Elders DenEdit

This is where the elders sleep and tell stories, but they can get grumpy.
Elder Den- sun

SunClan's TerritoryEdit

I will add more later if you want to add something contact Spottedclaw78 or Rainfur123

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