• I live in Lightclan
  • I was born on May 3
  • My occupation is Bouncing off the walls.
  • I am Female

Hello! My name is Feather. I am a gray and white She-cat with blue eyes


[[[|hide]]]*1 My Current state-Snakeclan- Past-Thunderclan,Loner,Kittypet,Shadowclan,Rouge.

My Current state-Snakeclan- Past-Thunderclan,Loner,Kittypet,Shadowclan,Rouge.EditEdit

My Friends from Snakeclan-Ice,Snake,White,,Red,Fang,Mouse,Yellow.EditEdit

Names--Tribe of Rushing Water-Dove That Rides The Wind







Mother-Shy (Kittypet)

Father-Blackclaw (Shadowclan)EditEdit

Brother(s)-Mouse (Bloodclan) ,Snake (Blueclan) ,Ice (Loner) .

Sister(s)-Cristmas (Kittypet),Small (Windclan) ,Jingle (Kittypet).
Grandmother-Littleclaw (Thunderclan)
Grandfather-Blackpelt (Thunderclan)
Book Appearances--Thunderclans Fear,Small Shadows, Feather's Need,A Friend In Need,Broken Shadows,The Great War,The Claws of Darkness.


Mate-None (but has secret crush on Brokenshadow)

Quotes- "Well, I guess I could do that."

Brokenshadow to Feather in A Friend In Need.

"My Mother was a Kittypet, I never knew."

Feather to Blackclaw in Thunderclan's Fear.

"Ice is fine, along with Small."

Cristmas to Feather in Small Shadows.

"New sunrises are ahead."

Feather to Littleclaw in Feather's Need.


Feather in The Great War.

[I don't know if i should like Feather or not.]

Brambleclaws thoughts about Feather in Thunderclans Fear.

Thunderclan's Fear

Feather is seen beside Ice during a Gathering and Firestar is saying that Feather should be removed from being Deputy,She got so upset and stomped off into the bushes. Squrrillflight later says that Firestar was being hard on her. Thus, she never liked Feather. But, Firestar said that she had to be removed because of Brambleclaw coming back to being Deputy. Later, Feather mutters to herself that she will get revenge on Firestar. She also says that if he wont let her be deputy she would attack him so many times until he couldn't take it anymore. Back at camp Firestar says to Brambleclaw that he had to be deputy because if he died and she became leader she would make more war then imaginable. Brambleclaw says that Firestar has never liked war, much less be in it.Firestar says he will make her deputy again soon,but only at the right time.

Small Shadows

Feather comes back to Thunderclan and begs Firestar to make her Deputy again, and she says if he doesn't she will start a war in the clans,something that Firestar doesn't like. Firestar makes Brambleclaw chase her off, Brambleclaw refuses to do so. Feather says Firestar will regret what he did to her, and says she will not ever forgive them for what they did. Then, she leaps toward Brambleclaw, about to claw him. Firestar jumped in front of him and raised his paw to claw her neck,He leaped at Feather and she doged the attack geting wounded in the process,she was wounded right on her neck. She fell to the ground, eyes closed, body still breathing.Cinderpelt healed her and made her run off.

Feather's Need

Feather goes to be a loner and lives in the Barn with Ravenpaw and Barley. Feather also came to be a Kittypet and her name changed to Beauty. Ravenpaw began to show feelings for her when Feather first came to the Barn. Feather saw Firestar in the Clearing when she went out to lay in the sun. She saw Brambleclaw with Firestar laying in the sun sharing tounges. Afraid to go over where they were,she turned around and ran back to the Barn.She told Ravenpaw about seeing Firestar and Brambleclaw, Ravenpaw says it's no big deal and that she can handle it without being clawed in the head. She tells Ravenpaw to go with her, just to make sure.

A Friend In Need

Feather is first seen with Ravenpaw outside the Barn looking at the stars and sharing tounges. She went to lay in the Barn and go to sleep, she curled up beside Ravenpaw and fell asleep. When she knew Ravenpaw was really asleep, she snuck off to the woods and saw Scourge. She leaped towards him and said Hello to him. She looked back at Ravenpaw one last time and smiled. When Ravenpaw woke up he checked all around for Feather,But there was no trace of her. He wondered if the Twolegs took her inside, so he checked inside, still nothing. He bravely ran into the forest looking for the she-cat he had always loved from the minute she came in the barn. Ravenpaw serched everywhere, but could not find her. struck will greif Ravenpaw went back to the barn to tell Barley. Barley told Ravenpaw that she would be ok because she was grown. Ravenpaw went back into the forest because he heard a loud noise. He turned and looked at a shadowy figure peering at him. He gasped and ran back to the Barn.

Broken Shadows

Feather went to Thunderclan and saw the guards patroling the territory,she snuck past them by leaping from tree to tree. She sucsessfully made it to Thunderclan territory. She went to the Leaders den and saw Firestar talking with Brambleclaw. Brambleclaw saw her and told Firestar. Firestar pounced toward her and asked her what she was doing on Thunderclan territory. Feather said that she was coming back to Get her spot as deputy back from Brambleclaw, and Firestar said she must go back to where she came from or he would chase her off. Feather refused to go and she said she would come back to start the war she told them she was going to start.

The Great War

Feather is first shown when she is siting by the lake with her mother, Shy. Shy tells her that if she goes with her to be a kittypet she will be happy because she will be with her. Feather refuses to do so and says shes happy being a rouge. Shy says that she will regret it later, then, she walks off into the forest. Later, Feather is shown with many other cats behind her, including her brother, Ice. Firestar walked with many other warriors behind him too. all from Thunderclan,Feather meows loudly and the battle begins.After the battle Feather lays on the ground deeply wounded from the attacks. Firestar says that the battle was unesisary and takes Feather back to his camp. Cinderpelt heals Feather and keeps her there with the others that were wounded. She tells Firestar she is sorry about the battle and promies never to start a battle like that again. Firestar says that he cannot let her back to become a Thunderclan warrior because of Starclan telling him not to. She is sad and angered at the same time, but doesn't dare to show it.

The Claws of Darkness

Firestar comes to Feather and says that she can now become a warrior because he has reasoned with Starclan. Feather, overjoyed with glee says that she would love to become a warrior as long as Starclan let her. Firestar says that he will let her stay as long as Starclan wants. She says she needs to think about coming back. Brambleclaw,upon seeing her says that he is happy that she has came back. She smiles at him and says that she is also happy to see him. All of the warriors from Thunderclan greet her warmly without meaness at all. Later,Feather sees Scourge with Bone and she says that Firestar needs to see them. Scourge asked her what she was up to and she said that Firestar had given her orders to get them to go to Thunderclan camp. Scourge went with her into Thunderclan camp and found Firestar so he could reason with him about the battles. Scourge refuses to let the battle go and says it will happen. Later, during the battle Scourge told Bone that Feather had betrayed them because she went to Snakeclan and is helping Thunderclan out. Bone agreeds with him and says that he saw her hisself and could see her now with Thunderclan coming strait toward them. After the battle Scourge lay defeated and Feather lays wounded by Bone. Feather says that she needs help from her clan, Snakeclan. Ginger from Snakeclan says that she is able to help her because she once was in Shadowclan. After being healed Feather purrs to Firestar for understanding her about Bloodclan. Firestar says that he will let her back into the clan if she wanted to. Feather refuses to go back and says shes happy in Snakeclan and her clan mates need her. Firestar says ok and if she ever wants to come back to Thunderclan to let him know.

My thoughts on the catsEditEdit

Firestar-I don't like him alot because he is a coward and doesn't like to fight like the others,when he was little he dared to chalenge people he should have respected,and now he's just..... i don't like him!!!.

Brambleclaw-Im so sad he will NEVER be able to be leader! I love him with everything! He's my favorite charater.

Lionblaze- He's ok, just not my favorite.

Jayfeather- I think he is kinda awesome, but not my favorite.

Dovewing-I think she's awesome and that she should take Tigerheart to be her mate.

Ivypool-she's mean to her sis and she makes her sad, thats why i don't like her.


Graystripe-He's cool, Just not my favorite.

Crowfeather-Just because he acts like a snot because of Feathertails death does not mean everybody has to hate him.

Feathertail_I love her because shes so pretty.

Scourge- Why were his brother and sis so mean to him? It's not fair and i know how he feels.

Bluestar-She's ok.i just don't like her for some reason.

Onestar-He's so cool! Im SO glad he's leader.

Tallstar-It's sad he had to die :(

Hollyleaf-Why did she run off?

Tigerstar-So mean! Why did he even become a leader?!?!

Brokenstar-He needs more love.

Crookedstar-I love that one. He's so amazing. Why did Yellowfang have to give him deathberries?


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